LD Systems FX300 pedaal


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For a singer-songwriter performing on stage or giving a concert in a living room, sound is everything.

LD Systems FX 300 will blow you away right from the moment you start your show, even if you’ve had little to no time to carry out a soundcheck. This small yet handy device not only serves as an effect pedal for altering the sound of your voice and instrument but is also an easy-to-use two-channel mixer. Its best feature by far are the pedals that let you control the mute functions with your feet or hand. And if you’ve got something to say, you can simply mute all effects with the FX MUTE pedal so your voice can be heard loud and clear without any reverb or delay and everyone in the room can understand your message. To prevent the signal of your microphone or instrument from reaching the outputs, all you need to do is tap the MUTE ALL pedal – a lifesaver during breaks or when wrapping up your set.

The FX 300 is outfitted with 16 digital effects presets in 16-bit quality, two inputs with a separate gain setting and a balanced and unbalanced output. The +48 V phantom power provided at the microphone input allows condenser microphones to be used in addition to dynamic microphones. The high-impedance, low-noise instrument input is not only great for acoustic or bass guitars but also for all other instruments. Plenty of headroom ensures you no longer have to worry about distorted signals. And with a 9 V battery that lasts up to five hours, LD Systems FX 300 has got you covered even if there’s no outlet in sight.

Product type Artist Pedal
Type Home-Recording , Live
Channels 2
Microphone channels
Microphone channels 1
Mic inputs XLR/6.3 mm jack
Frequency Response Microphone Channel 50 – 20000 Hz
Amplification range Microphone channel XLR input 42 dB
Mono Mic Input Input THD-N <0,03%
Impedance XLR input 6000 Ohm(s)
Phantom power +48V DC to XLR Input
Microphone channel Jack input Input type electronically balanced
Amplification range Microphone channel Jack input 20 dB
THD jack input <0.045%
Microphone Equalizer +5/-8dB @ 8kHz
Microphone channel controls FX SEND , Gain , tone
Microphone Channels Display Elements channel signal
Instrument channels
Instrument inputs 1
gain range 23 dB
THD 0.03%
Equalizer +7/-8dB @ 10kHz
Channel Inserts 1
Controls FX SEND , Gain , tone
Indicators 3-colour LED (SIG) , channel signal
Main Section
Line outputs 2
Line output connectors 6.3 mm TRS , XLR
Output level XLR Max. +17dBu, balanced
Impedance XLR output 150 Ohm(s)
Output level Jack output Max. +5dBV, unbalanced
Impedance jack output 40 Ohm(s)
Digital Effects Processor Yes
Number of Presets 16
Main section controls DFX Presets , FX MUTE , MIX OUT , MUTE ALL , Power
Display elements Main section Effekt-Clip , FX MUTE , MUTE ALL , red LED (FX CLIP)
General Specifications
Operating voltage 9 V block , External mains adapter 9VDC / 250mA (not included
Ambient temperature ( in operation ) 0 – 40° °C
Relative Humidity < 80% (non-condensing)
Width 160 mm
Height 55 mm
Length 163 mm
Weight 0,65 kg
Features Preparation for microphone stand mounting