Thomastik Dominant Viola 141 set


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Reference-standard Viola Strings

Violists demand two things from their strings: impeccable tone and unyielding reliability. With Thomastik-Infeld’s Dominant viola strings, you get both. For starters, their extra-flexible and multi-strand synthetic cores exhibit warm harmonic textures that rival gut strings. Beyond that, Dominant strings deliver rock-solid, humidity-agnostic pitch stability — a must for touring violists. Violists at Sweetwater appreciate the long life of these strings. Even after hours of heavy use, Dominant strings maintain a rich, clear sound that’s ripe with ear-tickling overtones. Thomastik-Infeld has been producing high-end orchestral and fretted instrument strings for more than 100 years, and Dominant viola strings are some of their best — a reference standard if there ever was one.