Vox Stomplab 2G Modeling Guitar Effect Processors


Vox Stomplab 2G Modeling Guitar Effect Processors


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Vox Stomplab 2G Modeling Guitar Effect Processors Modeling Guitar Effect Processors Powerful sounds and a sophisticated appearance! The new StompLab series – shattering expectations for compact multi-effect units Features: Total of 100 preset programs are categorized into styles such as rock, blues, metal, and pop Easy to use interface; even novice users can instantly access the sounds they want! StompLab IG provides 103 types of modeling effects, Each effect model boasts a sound engine that has been distilled from the worldwide best-selling VT+ series of modeling amps as well as the ToneLab series of multi-effect units. Edit and save 20 of your own user programs Up to 8 effect models can be used simultaneously Sophisticated appearance that was unimaginable for older effect units. Two-way power; works on batteries or on the AC adapter (separately sold) Built-in auto chromatic tuner with bypass and mute functions The StompLab series of effect pedals are impressive new contenders that pack powerful sounds into compact and sophisticated looking metal bodies. Sound variations are categorized by style, such as rock, blues, and ballad, making it easy for even novice users to recall the desired sound. In addition to the With high-quality looks, plus its high quality sound, the StompLab series will be a great companion for the guitarist for years to come.

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